SME Loan
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SME or also known as Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are businesses that maintain revenues, assets, or a number of employees below a certain threshold. These business entities are often regarded as the heartbeat of Malaysia’s emerging and developing economies. Apart from providing vast numbers of employment opportunities, SME businesses are generally entrepreneurial in nature, helping to shape innovation.

Generally, there are two criteria to be met in order for your business to qualify as an SME — your annual sales turnover and the number of full time employees in your company. This also implies differently for each economy sector:


Sector Small SMEs Medium SMEs
Manufacturing Sales turnover
RM300,000 to < RM15 million
Sales turnover
RM15 million to < RM50 million
Full time employees
5 to < 75 people
Full time employees
75 to < 200 people
Services & Others Sales turnover
RM300,000 to < RM3 million
Sales turnover
RM3 million to < RM20 million
Full time employees
5 to < 30 people
Full time employees
30 to < 75 people


Under the definition, all SMEs in Malaysia are registered with SSM or other equivalent bodies which include respective authorities/district offices in Sabah or Sarawak, or respective statutory bodies for professional service providers. However, the meaning of SME excludes business entities that are public-listed on the main board and subsidiaries of:

  • Public-listed companies on the main board
  • Multinational corporations (MNCs)
  • Government-linked companies (GLCs)
  • Syarikat Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan (MKDs)
  • State-owned enterprises

It is also worth mentioning that your company can no longer be deemed as an SME when your company has exceeded the threshold set under those two criteria above for two consecutive years, based on your financial year or accounting period.


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