She was born in 2002 and is a freelancer. She decided to buy a house because she did not want to rent anymore. Her income is very stable, and she has savings. So, she is absolutely capable of buying a house and repaying the loan every month. But she has no repayment record in the bank and no EPF due to the nature of her work. Finally, she successfully gets the loan approval from Bank R through our assistance and services.

He is 29 years old and a businessman. He applied for a home loan from a bank just wanted to buy a house worth RM380k, but was rejected by the bank (applied through the banker by himself). He has a stable income of RM8k a month, but he forgot to file taxes and there is no source to prove his high income. The problem we found was that he only had a newly applied credit card, and he never had a car loan or other loans, so there was no repayment record. The bank doubted his ability to repay. But with our assistance, he successfully get the home loan approval from Bank A.

Customer are above 40 years old. She is a property agent, also has credit cards and car loan under her name. Most of the banks are not preferring to accept such case due to age. In addition, she has no pay slip and EPF, so she cannot prove her income is stable. The customer accepted the solution we provided and was finally get approved for a home loan from Bank C.

This couple is starting a business and currently needs a capital to turnover the business. They had applied for personal loan from several banks but were all rejected. They used the wife’s profile to apply, basic salary is only RM2k and the commission is even unstable. But in the end, their personal loan approved by bank R and get the loan amount RM64k through our help.

During MCO period, Mr. Lim’s business has not been affected, so he still has a stable income. He wanted to invest in a semi-D house, applied for a loan but was rejected by the bank, the reason given by the bank is that it does not met the conditions, he has no clue so he came to us. Every bank measures a customer's ability to repay differently, after we review his case and step by step to solve the bank doubt’s about Mr. Lim, in the end, we helped the client get loan approval from Bank C.