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We will survey mortgage deals based on clients’ eligibility and advise for the best mortgage deals in terms of interest and repayment. We help our clients to submit mortgage loan applications and follow up on the status until disbursement of the loan. All the services are free, we get our commission from the banks as a mortgage broker.

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We assist you to select the best mortgage deal.

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One personal consultant will be assigned to each client.

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Property Loan

A loan taken out from a bank or financial institution to help you purchase property.


Refinancing a mortgage means paying off an existing loan and replacing it with a new one.

Debt Consolidation

The act of taking out a new loan to pay off other liabilities and consumer debts.


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We will assign one dedicated personal mortgage broker from our company to assist with your loan application.

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We have a wide range of contact with various banks and lenders in Malaysia. There are no loans that we couldn’t do, for ten years, we have covered and resolved many complicated loans application issues from banks and lenders.

Get connected with us and we will assign you a personal broker.


Submit required documents and details for loan submission.


Loan approval within 7 days.


Bank fund release within 3 to 6 months.

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Never ever, ever, since I have been with MVM, have I ever gone to bed worrying about my loans. You take care of my applications fully – thank you!

Mei Shan

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Mei Shan

Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Mortgage Broker. MVM had this and more.

Larry Wong

President of BNI Matrix
Larry Wong

I can honestly say hiring MVM was the most beneficial decision I made for my company this year. Their dedication to clients sets them apart.

Joel Tan

Founder of Runningman.my
Joel Tan

Mortgages process can be frustrating at the best of times and MVM always made sure we were informed and given reasons for any delays. Thanks again!

Gynette Chow

Real Estate Team Leader
Gynette Chow

Not only was MVM able to find us a lender that would help us achieve our objectives - we secured a better interest rate along the way.

Sylvia Lew

Founder of T2M New Media
Sylvia Lew

9 years of working experience

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Feel free to approach us whenever you have any problems with loans and mortgage deals. We give our clients the best thoughts and services at every condition for free.

We are open and hide nothing from our clients. Besides, we listen, pay attention, think, discuss and give the sincerest solutions to our customers.

We will assign every client a personal mortgage broker under our company. Our mortgage brokers are well-trained and swore to serve customers by responding to their requirements promptly and effectively till their satisfaction.

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